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A selection of free tracks from my Soundcloud page.

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Gallery Music 1 (2021)

A quiet, deep piece from a soundtrack to a series of video portraits of various painters.

Studiologic Sledge, Waldorf Iridium, Synthstrom Deluge, Strymon Nightsky.

Meeting Infinity On The Riemann Sphere (~1992)

An older textural track built around a Korg DS8 patch driven by a the Sequential Six-Trak real-time sequencer. A short edit of this piece is on the CD Cambrian. 

Dream Damage (2016)

Live in Augsburg. Two other versions of this track are on the CD Ganda.  This version is more melodic. Mainly Prophet 12 & Sledge.

Salamander & Chimära (2017)

Early live versions of two tracks from the CD Taxon with an extra ambient intro.

Second Haunting (based on Limnad) (2023)

A generative soundscape based on material from the Hauntings album. Used for an art exhibition.


Visit my YouTube channel for more videos.

  • That Dragon Needs Greasing - from CD GANDA


  • Perlboot - from CD TAXON


  • Nadir  -   video by Marco Hinic (2011)


  • Meeting Infinity On The Riemann Sphere  -   video by Marco Hinic (2010)


  • Surface D'Une Structure Angoissante (jam with Marco Hinic)  (1992-2004)