CD / 2014 / self-released/ SDCD.001 (Germany)

& digital

Ambient electronic sound-textures with extensive use of loops, atmospheric electric guitar, treated samples and dense synthesizer layers. Deep reverbs, subtle sequencers and drony textures give the record an aquatic, organic, dreamy feeling.


(ambient, dark ambient)


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  • SD:  electric guitar / synths: DS-8, Six-Trak, Wavestation SR, Prophet 12 / loops / granular synthesis.


  • Birgit Schweimler: vocal sample on Lattice Lament.


  • Breathing Water Just Below A Frozen Surface
  • Anomalocaris Sealed In Shale
  • Cambrian Lazy Afternoon Seascape
  • As The Last Trilobite Passes Away
  • The Venomous Splendor
  • Coiled Serpent
  • Meeting Infinity On The Riemann Sphere
  • Just Another Prophet
  • Calcite Eyes
  • Dark God
  • Lattice Lament

Cover art

painting by Birgit Schweimler: details from Cambrian (2014) - acrylic, resin and mixed media on canvas (150 x 50 x 2).

Below is a view of the complete painting.


Birgit Schweimler - Cambrian
Birgit Schweimler - Cambrian