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Upcoming joint exhibition with Birgit Schweimler (paintings)!

Rochlhaus, Thaining (DE) - June 2024

Sound & Paint


The visual art of my wife Birgit Schweimler has been a key source of inspiration for over two decades. Her wonderful paintings give the covers of my solo albums their very distinctive appearance. They perfectly reflect the moods, textures and tones of the music.


I regularly contribute to art exhibitions of Birgit's work with sound installations or even live performances.  


Please visit Birgit's webpage for her view on our mix of "sound & colours".


(Photo © Birgit Schweimler)

Installations & generative soundscapes


These are long-form and open-ended textural ambiences, mainly as intended for art exhibitions. The goal is to immerse the visitor into a reflective sonic environment that echoes, enforces or sometimes even contrasts with the visual impressions of the exhibited artwork. These pieces can run for hours or even days while continuously morphing and evolving.  I usually assemble my textural "colours" using a modular synthesizer, treated samples or digital timbres and then feed this core material into a chain of stochastic algorhythms, digital treatments and looping pedals. Carefully chosen rules will shape temporary clusters that suddenly appear and die-away again forever. Visitors can either intently listen to (a fraction of) the piece, or they can choose to ignore it and rather experience it as an integral part of the room ambience.

(Photo © Chris Gebhart Photograpy)

selection of projects

2019 - Birgit Schweimler Expo

Mureck (Austria)

Paintings by Birgit Schweimler


Eight-hour live soundscaping performance at the opening of Birgit Schweimler’s solo painting exhibition in Mureck, Austria on January 4th 2019. Selectons from the performance are available on the digital release Flood.



2021 - KunstVoll

Dießen am Ammersee (DE)

Paintings by Anne Huber, Susanna Ladda, Ines Voelchert & Birgit Schweimler.


Generative soundscape Blue Shimmer.

 A 45 minute version of the piece is available on the digital release Frames.



2023 - "Die Seilschaft"

Dießen am Ammersee (DE)

Art by Helmut Bäumker, Josef Huber, Jonas Ochs & Birgit Schweimler.


6 Hauntings” are a set of generative soundscapes based on material recorded for the digital release “Hauntings”. 


Click links below to hear 20 minute excerpts from each piece.