CD / 2018 / Groove Unlimited / GR-260  (The Netherlands)

& digital

Dark ambient atmospheres alternate with powerful pulsating sequencer-driven tracks. A deep sonic voyage closing with a long meditative track.


Taxon is inspired by natural history collections , the mathematical  principles driving evolutionary mechanics and the dark and bleak realities that organisms face in their struggle for survival. 


(Ambient, Berlin-School)


Glazed stares from bleached specimens

suspended in turbid fluid.

Weathered shells, meticulously aligned in arithmetic patterns.

A dragon's claw. The scales of a mermaid.

Terrifying wonders from distant dominions.

Creation on a shelf.



CD available from Groove Unlimited



  • SD:  synths: Wavestation SR, Prophet 12, Sledge/ loops / toy horn / conch shell / electric guitar.


  • Chimära
  • Salamander
  • Alraune
  • Nixen
  • Perlboot 
  • Vipern
  • Conchilien

Cover art

Painting by Birgit Schweimler: The X-Rayed Newt (2018) - acrylic, and mixed media on canvas. Colour treatments by SD.

Below is the original painting

Birgit Schweimler - The X-Rayed Newt
Birgit Schweimler - The X-Rayed Newt