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A few impressions...


paintings & sounds

The visual art of my wife Birgit Schweimler has been a key source of inspiration for over two decades. Her wonderful paintings give the covers of my solo albums their very distinctive appearance. They perfectly reflect the moods, textures and tones of the music.


I regularly contribute to art exhibitions of Birgit's work with sound installations or even live performances.  


Please visit Birgit's webpage for her view on our mix of "sound & colours".



(Photo © Birgit Schweimler)

Music for exhibitions


Continuous generative soundscape "Blue Shimmer" for the kunstVOLL exhibition (Dießen, March 2021).


Multiple asynchronous looped strings of randomised samples and notes are triggered from a Synthstrom Deluge sequencer. These events are then echo-trailed with an Electro-Harmonix 95000 looper and the resulting stream is reverberated with a Strymon Nightsky pedal. The soundscape is therefore highly aleatoric and statistically not repeat in our lifetime. At any time, unique surprises may occur and disappear again forever...


(Photo © Chris Gebhart Photograpy)

sound design

In 2001 Fragminder bvba released a single player board game "Fragmind" which was based on analytical deduction methods used in molecular biology. To promote the game, an electronic PC-based version was also released for which I designed the interactive event-noises and soundscapes. 


Related music is available on the digital release Lattice Fracture from my Bandcamp page.