Vidna Obmana  / Serge Devadder

The Shape Of Solitude

CD / 1999 / Multimood Records / MRC 027 (Sweden)

CD / 2020 / Zoharum / ZOHAR 211-2  (Poland) - remastered  reissue


About The Shape Of Solitude

The Shape Of Solitude is a collaboration with Belgian multi-instrumentalist Dirk Serries (aka Vidna Obmana aka Fear Falls Burning). The album consists of various experimental explorations of the electric guitar as a soundsource for ambiences, loops, textures and athmospheres. 



  • Vidna Obmana: treatments, loops and electronics
  • Serge Devadder: e-guitars
1999 Multimood release
1999 Multimood release
2020 Zoharum reissue
2020 Zoharum reissue


  • When A Dead Tree Sings
  • Evenings Prophecy
  • The Plain Truth
  • Perceptual Edge
  • A Stinging Memory Of Shared Skin
  • As Pain Is Cloaked With A Smile
  • Deceiving Mirror In An Obscure Room
  • Leaving This Place Again