CD / 2016 / Groove Unlimited / GR-1004 (The Netherlands)

& digital

Live performance at the Cosmic Nights Festival on March 19th 2016 at the Cultuurcapel St. Vincent in Ghent. Recorded straight from the mixing desk.


Delicate sequencers, waves of lush synths and textural ambiences weave an introspective and reflective mood.


Also contains two bonus studio tracks with related music.


(Ambient, Berlin-School)


CD available from Groove Unlimited



  • SD:  synths: DS-8, Wavestation SR, Prophet 12, Sledge/ loops.


  • Farnwald
  • That Dragon Needs Greasing
  • Forgotten Words
  • Gravensteen Blues
  • Broken Bird
  • Rheumatoid Pollard Willow
  • Severe Dream Damage
  • De Bruges à Gand...

"Afterthoughts" bonus tracks:

  • Slow Ignition In Yellow
  • Mild Dream Damage

Cover art

Photography: SD.

Painting by Birgit Schweimler: details from Ganda (2016) - acrylic, resin and mixed media on cardboard.

Below is a view of the complete painting.


Birgit Schweimler - Ganda
Birgit Schweimler - Ganda