Rochlhaus, Thaining (DE) - June 2024


For the ZwischenTöne exhibition with Birgit Schweimler, I designed a dedicated soundscape adapted to the specific location. With its two-storey exhibition space and multiple small rooms, the old Rochlhaus in Thaining offers a variety of delightfull view- and listening points for its visitors. It stimulates curiosity and excitement about what strange surprises might be waiting around the corner, like a magic attick stuffed with wonderful antiques and artefacts.


The immersive soundtrack streams from multiple speakers positionned across the exhibition, thus defining discrete zones of varied ambiences. Visitors wil explore these regions while at the same time discovering Birgit’s paintings. 


From a practical perspective, I use various sound sources that generate the musical streams in real-time, including a modular synthesizer system, a digital multitrack groovebox, a portable mp3 player and even a good old CD-player in shuffle mode. Heard together, these unsynchronised and stochastic events create a dynamic and organic sonic environment. 


I aim for sufficient constance to induce a serene exhibition atmosphere but also for the right amount of variety to trigger surprises and wonder.