CD / 2016 / Groove Unlimited / GR-1004

About Ganda

Ganda was my first recording for Ron Boots’ label Groove Unlimited. It’s basically my live performance at the Cosmic Nights Festival in Ghent on March 19th 2016 at the Cultuurcapel St. Vincent, a former chapel now converted into a small concert venue. I grew up in Brussels and have lived abroad for over 20 years, but my roots lie in Flanders. It was therefore a very special experience to play at this extraordinary venue in Ghent.


The recording was made straight from my stage mixer, so no audience can be heard. Apart from some minimal editing and digital cleaning, the album captures the music exactly as it was heard by the audience.


The album also contains two bonus tracks with some related studio music (Afterthoughts). 


Both versions of “Dream Damage” reflect my admiration for Czech animator and director Jan Švankmajer’s films, and more specifically for his 1969 short “A Quiet week in the House” (Tichý týden v dome). This film lacks a musical score - in fact the surrealistic animated segments are probably so haunting because they are immersed in pure silence. With ”Dream Damage”, I tried to imagine a possible soundtrack to that film.


  • Farnwald
  • That Dragon Needs Greasing
  • Forgotten Words
  • Gravensteen Blues
  • Broken Bird
  • Rheumatoid Pollard Willow
  • Severe Dream Damage
  • De Bruges à Gand...
  • Slow Ignition In Yellow
  • Mild Dream Damage


  • SD:  synths: DS-8, Wavestation SR, Prophet 12, Sledge/ loops.

Cover art

Photography: SD.

Painting by Birgit Schweimler: details from Ganda (2016) - acrylic, resin and mixed media on cardboard.

Below is a view of the complete painting.


Birgit Schweimler - Ganda
Birgit Schweimler - Ganda