• born 1966 in Brussels, Belgium
  • PhD  in synthetic chemistry
  • life science industry professional
  • self-taught musician (electronics & electric guitar)
  • currently residing with my family in the Bavarian lake area (Germany)

cd albums

A complete discography is available online at Discogs.

Vidna Obmana & Serge Devadder - The Shape of Solitide

Suite for Electric Guitar, Atmospheres and Recycling

(CD, Multimood Records, Sweden, 1999)


A collaborative album with Belgian musician Vidna Obmana (aka Dirk Serries)


Dirk Serries: treatments, recyclings, loops, ambiences

Serge Devadder: electric guitar



Matt Borghi / Allmusic

Chuck Van Zyl / Star's End

Serge Devadder - Cambrian

(CD, self-released, Germany, 2014)


This first solo album is a kind of retrospective sampler as it was recorded between 1992 and 2014. It contains dreamy, ambient tracks with heavily treated electric guitar as well as synthesizer-based compositions. 


Serge Devadder: treated electric guitar, synthesizers, loops

Birgit Schweimler: sampled voice



Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

Gonzo Circus (in Dutch)

Serge Devadder - Ganda

(CD, Groove Unlimited, The Netherlands, 2016)


First recording for the Dutch Groove Unlimited label specialised in ambient and electronica. This is a recording of my live set at Cosmic Nights Festival at 

 Cultuurkapel Sint-Vincent Ghent on March 19th 2016. The sound is taken directly from the main desk. Contains two studio bonus tracks.


Serge Devadder: synthesizers, loops



Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion


Serge Devadder - Taxon

(CD, Groove Unlimited, The Netherlands, 2018)


An impressionist walk along the mysterious and wonderful exhibits of dusty zoological collections. Taxon oscillates between dark ambient textures (the murky mood of Salamander) and powerful sequencer tracks (the pulsing throb of Vipern and Alraune).


Serge Devadder: synthesizers, toy horn, loops



Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

Sylvain Lupari / Synth&Sequences