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November 2020

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The Shape Of Solitude (with Vidna Obmana)

CD re-release on Zoharum!

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paintings & sounds

The visual art of my wife Birgit Schweimler has been a key source of inspiration for over two decades. Her paintings gave the covers of my first 3 solo albums their very distinctive look and perfectly catch the moods, textures and tones of the music.


I regularly contribute to exhibitions of her work with sound installations or live performances.  


Visit Birgit's webpage for her view on our mix of "sound & colours".



(Photo © Birgit Schweimler)

Music for exhibitions


Continuous generative soundscape "Blue Shimmer" for the kunstVOLL exhibition (Dießen, March 2021).


Multiple asynchronous looped strings of randomised samples and notes are triggered from a Synthstrom Deluge sequencer. These events are then echo-trailed with an Electro-Harmonix 95000 looper and the resulting stream is reverberated with a Strymon Nightsky pedal. The soundscape is therefore highly aleatoric and statistically not repeat in our lifetime. At any time, unique surprises may occur and disappear again forever...


(Photo © Chris Gebhart Photograpy)

sound design

In 2001 Fragminder released a single player board game "Fragmind" which was based on analytical deduction methods used in molecular biology. To promote the game, an electronic PC-based version was also released for which I designed the interactive event-noises and soundscapes. 


The 1 hour track below (Fragmind - recycled & expanded) is a further exploration of the sounds I made for the game.